Waldemar Misiurski – Software developer and IT Systems administrator


I’ve been working at Ceron Internet company since 2001, unfortunately in 2014 most of my company assets have been sold and i only occasionaly work there, meantime working as network administrator for another firm. My previous company was an internet service provider and i was responsible for almost all technical aspects of this business. We reached over 2000 customers  and i had to face every possible problem that could arise during this time.

This experience taught me various aspects of IT business, including:

  • linux system administration
  • network administration with deep knowledge of network protocols, cabling, wireless equipment and so on
  • database management and administration, with strong emphasis on data safety
  • software development for my own and many other companies
  • deep knowledge of windows operating systems environment including virtualisation and common office problem solving
  • I am native Polish, but IT language is english and i prefer to use english with documentation and technical aspects over poorly translated whitepapers. My english proficiency is as it is, i did not run spell checking while developing this site and not because i am lazy but to give You insight into my proficiency.

Since my current contract ends soon and i am determined to face new challenges and solve new problems that could arise, i decided to find demanding position that could give me work satisfaction and further my personal development. I do not know „everything” but if i need to know something till next week or month, i would learn this…

On the following pages You will find detailed information considering my skills and abilities.